Well+Good Readers’ 11 Favorite Running Routes

The quiet, simple thrill of lacing up your sneakers, walking out of your apartment, and just running.

It’s a New York runner’s personal paradise—and social sport, when you dovetail with a run club or head out with a training (and brunch) buddy. So where do the city’s pavement-pounders of all stripes run?

We asked Well+Good readers via Instagram for your favorite routes!

We got plenty of nods to classics, like the Central Park loops and down the West Side, but we also got a lot of unexpected ideas (over the bridges, in Bay Ridge, and around the Battery) to keep your runs fresh.

To steal a line from Jay-Z, these streets will make you feel brand new—while you wear your running shoes out.

Here are 11 amazing running routes in New York City, according to Well+Good readers:

Tntrunner: The West Side Highway down to Battery Park and back. I start at 5th Avenue and 14th Street, so it’s almost exactly 1 mile to the highway, then 3 miles to the end of lower Manhattan and back. At sunset, it’s the best.

Brittanylwks: Running the West Side Highway up to the Little Red Lighthouse is my favorite memory from marathon training last fall. It felt like somewhere hidden that only runners and bikers can get to. The mileage depends on where you start, but it’s at 178th Street.

Megsaysyay: I go across Fulton Street, through the Old Seaport, down the east side, around the Battery, up the West Side Promenade (making sure to run all the piers!), then across Christopher Street, and down Hudson—where I stop at Health & Harmony for a kombucha. It’s about 5 miles. You’re by the water and get the harbor views. It makes my day, every time.

Ericasara: 5 a.m. run down through Times Square, across to 5th Avenue, and then down to Battery Park as the sun rises, before the city wakes (it’s around 4 miles from Times Square down 5th and through the village). It’s perfect.

instagram_runnersSarahlarosa: I start at 1st Avenue and 20th Street, run down to Delancey, then up Bowery until it becomes 3rd Avenue. I turn back around at 50th or 60th Street—it’s probably around 5 or 6 miles or so.

Laughterandcarbs: The East River Promenade—it’s roughly 6 miles (from 60th Street up to the Triborough Bridge), out and back.

amybedfordbklyn: I run around the Dyker Beach Golf Course in Bay Ridge (roughly 2.3 miles), then down to the Shore Road Promenade (1.6 miles) to check out the NYC skyline. There are almost no cars to worry about.

Nikkisilber: I start in north Williamsburg, head up to the tip of Greenpoint, then turn and run through South Williamsburg—about a 5 mile route. It’s got beautiful views of the Williamsburg Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

Cyu888: From Park Slope, I run across the Brooklyn Bridge, then up the West Side Highway to Christopher or 14th Street (depending on the day), and back. It’s about 9 or 10 miles round trip.

Cookiepie0402: The bridges! I start in Brooklyn, go over the Manhattan Bridge, then head down Canal Street. I turn left and go past the courthouse, then back over the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a little over 5 miles from my apartment in Cobble Hill, and I love it. I did it this morning!

Coachcane: Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. I run the back hills for hard days, and the Putnam Trail for easy days (distance depends on the route). It’s quiet, got soft terrain, no big crowds, and has beautiful scenery. Nothing else in the five boroughs is even a close second.

(Photo at top: Corbis; At right, Runners on their routes. Photos: @ericasara, top left. @tntrunner, bottom left and right)