7 extreme races that will make you a total fitness badass

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New York women may be known for their stilettos and perfect blowouts, but lately you’re likely to catch them covered in mud and leaping over fires.
More and more women are competing in extreme races—military or adventure-style events that may include unreasonably tough running terrain, feats of strength, and obstacles like barbed wire fences. 
Mud-slogging challenges have become especially popular, according to Malenna Saunders, owner of NYC’s Phoenyx Fitness, who says that 95 percent of the clients she trains for extreme races are female.
"Women love how fun these are and getting to test their true strength," she says.
What are the best (and craziest) extreme races happening in your neck of the woods?

Here are the top tough-and-muddy seven.

 (Photo: Rugged Maniac 5K)